First week in Oregon

I know I’ve been quiet for a few days, strange for me, I know.  We have been busily settling into our new home.

We arrived on Tuesday and were happy to find that our apartment, while small, fits the need for short-term living.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to do this for long as it is definitely cozy (i.e. small) but it will serve the purpose.

Luckily Ricky and Lucy feel better and they are doing their jobs as guard dogs very well by making sure every other person in the building knows they are here and on alert.  They also make sure the landscapers know….and the UPS driver….. and a falling leaf.  Yep, we are well protected.

On Tuesday evening Roger, Amber and the kids came over and we all went out for pasta and ice cream.  As expected, the kids were a little shy at first but that didn’t last too long.

After dinner they came back to the apartment to pick up Whistles (Cory’s cockatiel).  He is not allowed to live at the apartment so he is vacationing at Casa Webb for a few weeks.  They weren’t here long, but long enough to find out that the “Parking by Permit Only” is a real thing.  Roger’s car got towed.  We were all pretty upset about that and I threw a fit with the corporate housing people who said “We told you a permit was required”.  I didn’t think that meant there wasn’t any guest parking but that’s exactly what it meant.  Roger started digging the next day and found out that apparently they have more apartments than parking and don’t even have enough parking for residents so they really don’t allow guest parking.  Crazy!  I yelled loud enough that the corporate housing folks provided a guest parking pass for the duration of our stay.

Wednesday we got to go visit our new home.  I headed out with some trepidation….it’s a little scary to buy a house you haven’t actually set foot in but much to our relief we loved it as much in real life as we did in the pictures.  And  I was thrilled to find a variety of rose bushes and a huge lilac bush in the front yard.  The town is  quaint but it does have a small market and a combination  pharmacy and liquor store.  Now that’s convenience…. we can buy our booze and our hangover remedy all at the same time.


Wednesday evening we went to Roger and Amber’s new house.  They made a delicious meal and I finally got a little cuddle time in with Fern.  Forrest still wasn’t cuddling but he happily gave me a tour of his new room and his chickens and goats.  And we got big hugs from both kids when we left.

Thursday and today we’ve spent stocking the refrigerator and settling in.  I have my work area all set up and ready to begin my new work-from-home lifestyle on Monday.  Right now I have a pot of homemade vegetable beef soup simmering on the stove (um, yeah, it’s soup weather today – cool and drizzly).  I did some laundry and cleaned up the apartment.  Cleaning up took all of 30 minutes.  Maybe I could get used to this “tiny” living.  Tomorrow we’re going back to the kids so I can help Amber set up the kids room and start unpacking the baby clothes.  New baby is scheduled for arrival in 5 weeks!!

So far we all give Oregon living a thumbs-up….. except for that little towing incident, of course!


The final leg

We are back on the road again…..why do I keep hearing Willie Nelson in my head …..”On the road again….just can’t wait to get on the road again…..”. Now you have it in your head too. You’re welcome.

We had an interesting experience when we filled the gas tank this morning. Before Scott could get out of the car a young man approached and asked what he could do for us. Oregon is like NJ….you don’t pump your own gas here. That will take some getting used to. So here’s a question…..are we supposed to tip the guy who pumps it?

Ok if all goes well the next update will be to say we’ve arrived.  Roger, Amber and the kids are joining us for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we are going to see our new house then going by the kids to have dinner with them. Being able to do life with Roger and family makes me incredibly happy. It’s been way too long. Now we just need to get Jeffrey up here and my life will be complete. 

Happy Trails!

Almost there

We’ve made it to Oregon!  Not quite to our temporary home but we’re close.  Only about 3 and a half hours to go.  We are spending the night in Pendleton, OR.

After a rough start this morning, the pups settled in for the day and there were no more mishaps.  Lucky for them because I was already plotting on how they could get “lost” somewhere in the middle of Idaho.

We had a nice surprise when we found out that our good friends, Frank and Beth Banfill and family were visiting Frank’s father in Wendell, Idaho.  We weren’t able to get together with them before we left Texas since we were both planning road trips.  We were able to meet up for lunch which was wonderful.


We’ve seen so much beautiful scenery on this trip.  Unfortunately trying to capture it from a moving car with a cell phone is not the most conducive to amazing photography but here are a few selections.  Apparently Cory pulled off at one of the scenic overlook spots to admire the view.  He said it was amazing.  And it never occurred to him to take a picture.


At the end of the day we ended up at a local restaurant called Roosters.  The best part?  Getting Scott and Cory to pose with the mascot.  For some unknown reason, Scott thought it would be funny to share his milk shake.  The rooster was not impressed.


Just a few more hours in the morning and then we’ll be ready to settle into our apartment.  It will be nice to stay someplace longer than one night, although we are definitely anxious to get settled into our permanent home.  Of course, we’ve said that about the last 3 homes…..but really, THIS one is the permanent one.  Really.

Observations of the day:

  1. The Mini Cooper is really small.  It’s like going cross country in a go-cart.  I do not recommend it.
  2. Dog barf is gross.
  3. Jacob Banfill plans to one day live in Arkansas and have a pet grey fox.  I’ve never considered having a fox as a pet but he made it sound really appealing.
  4. The world is not flat.  Apparently only Texas…..all of these other states have HILLS.

Day 4 Leaving Salt Lake

Barfapalooza has continued with a vengeance. We allowed the dogs to stay loose in the room rather than blocking them in the bathroom last night. The thought being that maybe they would whine a little less. That did work out pretty well until about 6 AM when we were awoken by loud barking. Immediately followed by our favorite sound of vomiting dog. This one sounded pretty bad so we were a little hesitant to turn on the light. When we did our reaction was something like this…..

We sent them back to the bathroom and used up the rest of a roll of paper towels cleaning it up. And then he did it again. And again. And yet again. We have now officially changed Ricky’s name to Sir Pukesalot. And we were worried about Lucy. She did vomit first yesterday, and did so all over Ricky. Is this like the kid in the school cafeteria? One kid pukes and then the rest follow suit. Is Ricky’s nonstop barfing a result of being covered in it yesterday?  We’ve now dosed both dogs with anti-nausea medication, bought more paper towels and a big box of Dramamine.

Are you as tired of hearing about dog barf as I am of writing about it? I think a change of subject is in order. 

Here is a reminder of why we decided to trade in our lives for a complete change of everything. Not to mention spending 4 days in a car with Sir Pukesalot….oh sorry, we’re finished with that topic. 

S’mores anyone?

Are these two not the cutest kids ever? Don’t bother to answer if you disagree. I can’t wait to see these guys tomorrow, not to mention meeting their new sibling (whom I fondly refer to as Froggy due to lack of knowledge of sex or potential name) in the coming weeks. My cup runneth over! 

We found out this morning that good friends that we weren’t able to see before we left Texas are actually traveling to Wendell Idaho as we speak. We will be passing right by there so if everything lines up right we will be able to meet up for lunch. How exciting is that?

I will end with this view that is directly ahead and of us. Scott wants to go have a snowball fight.  Me? Not so much. 

Salt Lake City

We’ve arrived safely in Salt Lake City.  This was the longest day of the trip at about 9 1/2 hours of drive time.  Plus an hour and a half of barf cleanup and about 20 minutes to deal with a check-engine light.  Luckily that turned out to just need a couple of quarts of oil.  We’ll be keeping a close eye on that for the rest of the trip.

After barfapalooza, we decided to go ahead and dose the drugs the vet provided.  Ricky only ate half of his and then spit it out and boy am I glad he didn’t finish it.  He was completely wasted, stumbling around and falling down.  Needless to say he slept the day away.

Cory said his journey was uneventful.  Imagine that….Cory didn’t have much to say.

We are all exhausted so are calling it a night.  Tomorrow we head to Pendleton, OR.  That will leave less than 4 hours on Tuesday to reach our temporary home in Beaverton, OR.


We stopped at a Sonic in Farmington NM only to discover round 2 of carsickness. This time they were quiet about it so we aren’t even sure when it happened.  All cleaned up…..again. I’m sure glad we took the Pet smart clerks advice regarding a nice dog mess cleanup spray that has a lovely aroma.

We sat outside for a little while and had a nice conversation with a lady biker.  She loved Ricky and Lucy. I tried to give them to her but she didn’t have a sidecar.  

Our first …um….issue

Before we even made it out of town we stopped to get me some caffeine. You may recall from the previous post that this would be in Scott’s best interest.  He went in and I stayed outside with the dogs.  Suddenly from the backseat came a horrible retching sound. With some trepidation i turned around to find my worst fears realized. 

Lucy vomited. Remember that scene from the Exorcist? This was right up there. Poor Ricky was covered and trying frantically to get into the front seat.  

I managed to get out of the car and drag them both out.  As soon as they were both out Ricky did what dogs do when they get wet.  He shook it off.  So now I got to be covered in barf too. 

Luckily the gas station we were at had a water spigot. 

I wasn’t sure if giving a dog a bath to wash vomit off counted as domestic purposes (per the sign) but I decided to throw caution to the wind and scrub him down. And me. 

Meanwhile Scott scrubbed the car. While doing so we suddenly heard a car alarm going off and a woman screaming “sir,  sir,  I need help”. The woman had fallen while pumping gas and slid under her car.  Scott and another gentleman got her out. She is fine,  by the way. 

We are once again on the road. 

I still hate Albuquerque. 

So long Albuquerque 

Did a little better this morning, We may be getting the hang of loading the car. We are at the gas station filling up and then we’ll hit the highway. 

It was not a good night. Scott snored, the dog’s whined, Scott talked in his sleep, the dogs barked and I stared at the ceiling.

Scott got up  a couple of times to walk the dogs and I could have done that since I was already awake but I chose to use those as opportunities to catch a cat nap before he came back and started snoring again. I might be cranky today so it might be a long day for him. 
Pretty scenery heading out of town.  I think I’ll enjoy it for a few minutes and then take a nap. 

Albuquerque, NM

After a relatively uneventful day, we are safely relaxing in our hotel room.  The dogs are (so far) being amazing travelers.  No sign of car sickness, which is quite unusual considering that Lucy usually barfs on her way to the vet.  But I’m not complaining!  For the most part they just curl up and sleep in their little travel hammock.

Whistles seems to be getting used to road-tripping as well and complained a lot less today.

Albuquerque is not my favorite place considering that the last time I was here was 5 years ago after Jeffrey was airlifted to University Hospital here after rolling his car several times while returning to Texas from a stay in California.  That’s when we learned that you should never have an accident in New Mexico since they only have a single level-1 trauma center in the state.  Or at least they did then.  All in all not a pleasant experience and one I hope never to repeat.  Sons?  Are you ALL listening?

Tomorrow we plan to drive a bit longer than today.  Next stop….Salt Lake City.  We’re heading into states none of us has been to before so we are all excited to see what the day brings.

Observations of the day…..

  1. Caramels M&Ms do not live up to the hype.
  2. I love looking at miles and miles of wind turbines
  3. The mountains are beautiful.
  4. Scott snores really loudly when he “rests his eyes”
  5. The Mini Cooper is really, really small
  6. Getting Scott and Cory to pose next to a big pancake at Denny’s – Priceless!